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Kale Farms Market

Kale Farms products are also available at the Collective Good in Charlotte

Market Goods
Organic Cuisine

Mandi and Tony are proprietors of Kale Farms, a suburban mini farm, and offer many opportunities for learning on their property.

Rooted Holistic Wellness offers many ways to immerse yourself in experiencing food on so many levels. Mandi teaches you how to shop, sort, meal plan, and even create your own meals to make life easier for you and your family. She teaches you how to read labels, navigate the grocery store and find a love for nourishment. Her programs guide you through different kinds of diets, and what they all mean and what kind of lifestyle eating choice may be best for you, your body and lifestyle.


They curate meal options available for purchase and delivery each week. All items are either freshly grown from their own farm or from local area farms that grow clean and organic food.  

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