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Health Coaching


Coaching is done by a trained professional who uses an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle changes to improve their clients' health. Working as a guide toward an overall healthier life, they will look at their clients' nutrition patterns, relationships, physical fitness, spirituality, and more.

Schedule your free consultation today and together we will manuever life’s curves.


Are you ready to have your own personalized coach, right at your finger tips??? This program is the best of both worlds, you will have work outs, yoga, meal plans and wellness strategies in our coaching app! Easy to use and ready to go each week. Just click the link below to talk to your Health Coach directly to start your plan. 

Sign up now for $99 a month

Back on Track Weight loss Program
Lose 20 to 40 pounds in 6weeks!!!!!



(program is 10 weeks total)

Program includes:

-Complete body composition

-Before and after measurements/photos


-Weekly coaching sessions


-Recipe guide

-On line food and mood journal

-Daily accountability

-Face Book group


Personalized Meal Plans

I offer personalized meal planning for your busy life. Meal plans include weekly meal plan, recipes and shopping list. 

$85 a month

There are so many ways to jump into your wellness journey!

In order to customize a wellness package for you,

we begin by filling out a form to get an idea of your needs. 

Then, we sit in person, or on a call, for your personalized 45 minute Strategy Session


In Your Strategy Session We Discuss


                                                       -Your needs

                                                       -Define your short and long term goals

                                                       -Any treatment by physicians

                                                       -Your personal time commitment to reaching your goals

                                                       -Create a strategy and program that works for YOU

Integrative and Holistic Wellness is all about looking at the WHOLE picture for your life. Do you want to lose weight, get fit or lean, feel better, get sleep, control symptoms, work out more, meal plan, learn to cook, or even find ways to organize your life? 

Are you in a slump, exhausted, overwhelmed or do you feel stuck? Feeling depressed, having issues at work or home and need to put things into perspective? 


We can co-create a strategy to help with all of these things and put it into action!

There are so many ways to reach your goals! We have single sessions, or a package of sessions, there is a choice of 3 or 6 month program to get the most out of your time.

Plans are based on the scientific premise that it takes:

-7 days to create and put a plan into place for new goals/habits

-21 days to put a habit into place, and make it part of your lifestyle

-12 weeks to ingrain that habit into the brain so that it is part of  your daily routine  

-6 months to make your daily routines into a real lifestyle change


As a coach I am here to make your life easier and more fulfilled

by following these simple steps

  1. Determine your goals and make a plan

  2. Create easy daily changes to get you to your goals

  3. Come up with creative ideas that will remove hurdles

  4. Give support as new obstacles arise

  5. Creating an accountability platform for you to check in

Health Coaching Packages


This 1 week plan is considered a reset for you mind, body and soul. This is when you dig deep to reset the system and get a jumpstart on your future fitness and wellness goals.

Free consultation

Complete Detox Guide

Meal plan created specifically for your wellness needs

Includes grocery list and recipes

Exercise guide

Handouts/ worksheets

Check ins 





This is where the big changes start to happen!

This program is specific to each client and their goals.

We create a plan together and execute that plan over a 3-4 week period.

This will help create the habits that will get you to your wellness goals.

This program is really to get you on your feet if you have fallen into bad habits, in your life, or diet, lifestyle, or just need a jump into the right direction in your ideal life.

Goal setting consultation

Handouts and worksheets ( yes there will be homework) 

Access to the Health Coaching Portal

Food and Mood Journal

Meal plans 

Detoxifying recipes

Shopping Guide

Weekly check in call/meeting 





This is a 3 month package that includes

Strategy session

Goal Setting Collaboration

Personalized Health Plan  

Weekly Coaching Calls

Personal Growth Work

Weekly Meal Plans 


Shopping List

Access to the Portal 

Food and Mood Journal

Weekly Emails and Check-ins

Worksheets and Handouts

$2,800 Value 

@$1800 Total 3 Month Package

Payment Plans Available





This is a 6 month package that includes,

Strategy session

Goal Setting Collaboration

Personalized Health Plan  

Weekly Coaching Calls

Personal Growth Work

Weekly Meal Plans 


Shopping List

Access to the Portal 

Food and Mood Journal

Weekly Emails and Check-ins

Worksheets and Handouts

Workouts and Stretches

A value of $6,000

 $3,300 Total 6 Month Package

Payment plans are available 



Discounts on fitness or yoga classes

any workshop or retreat offered during your 6 months of transformation 

Join the Face book group for support and a monthly newsletter 




Jump Start in a day

Spend the day with me, sorting through cupboards and the fridge, figuring out what is working for you.

Next, we'll head to the supermarket for a tour of the good stuff. This is your opportunity to learn what labels really mean, what choices work for you and your family and healthy options for current foods. I include info on how to read labels and what the FDA verbiage really means about your food

This will help you make educated choices on your future shopping trips


Finally, we end up back at your place to learn how to prep and plan your meals.

We put together your meals for the first week of your personal meal planning experience.


BONUS – Complimentary two weeks of Meal Plans

-Add a Sort Shop and Prep to a program for only $299




This month by month plan includes a


Personalized goal creating session

A personalized health plan

Meal Plan


Shopping List

2 Coaching/ support calls per month


$695 monthly

Single Coaching Sessions- $125 

Package of 6 



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