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Hear what our wonderful clients have to say about their personal experiences. Building caring and lasting relationships with our clients is our goal.

“What a great experience I had at the Happiness workshop with Mandi and Deb! Both have such calming and comforting energy. I learned a lot about positive affirmations and positive self talk. The yoga practice with Mandi was exactly what I needed to stretch my body and it was also good for the soul. We ended yoga with guided meditation which helped to clear our minds and help bring us into such a positive space. I felt like there were so many things that I took away from this workshop that I now use on a daily basis. I highly recommend a workshop with these lovely ladies. I can’t wait to another one soon! ”


“I’ve attended several of Mandi’s yoga classes and she is definitely one of the best instructors I’ve seen. She teaches a well thought out class but is capable of amending the class to fit the needs of the students. For example, when teaching a class at a gym she’ll ask the class what muscle groups had just been worked and then makes sure to incorporate poses that help stretch those muscles. She’s awesome at showing modifications on poses and making gentle adjustments to your form.  
I’ve also attended her yoga workshops and they are even more worth it! She makes you think...really dig deep into your soul. The reflection combined with a gentle yoga and meditation is a fantastic combination that always leaves me inspired to continue to seek out my true true purpose. She definitely is the total package...a teacher truly interested in helping you mind, body and soul.  ”


“Mandi’s Ginger Beer class was awesome! Learning about our gut health and how that impacts so much of the rest of our overall health was fascinating. To then be taught how to make Ginger Beer and fermented foods that can aid in restoring our gut health was really fantastic! I can’t wait to make a batch of my own! I look forward to future classes.”


“The custom Yoga routine Mandi created for me has drastically improved my flexibility and has helped me immensely with my cycling. As a coach and skills instructor, I spend a lot of time on my bikes. I was experiencing some lower back pain and numbness in my hands. However, once I started doing yoga regularly, I have strengthened my core and stretched my muscles and tendons and I no longer have any discomfort when riding! Thank you, Mandi...”


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