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Colloidal copper is used to help rebuild the collagen in the skin to  help to reduce the signs of aging, great as an eye cream or night cream.  


"Uplift" Facial Copper Cream

SKU: 10005

  • Ingredients: Colloidal Copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin E oil, Rosehip oil, Carrot Seed oil, Coconut oil

    Colloidal Copper: is known for it's healing and collagen building properties in the skin. 

    Vitamin C: helps reduce redness to even out skin tone, fades hyperpigmentation, and brightens skin

    Vitamin E oil  great for protecting the skin cells and membranes from environmental damage

    Rosehip oil: combats inflammation, increases collagen levels, to help diminish wrinkles

    Carrot seed oil helps to stimulate skin cell proliferation

    Geranium oil acts as an astringent, for tightening and toning skin, while also helping to rid skin of bacteria and microbes

    Coconut oil used for it's antiviral properties and deep moisturizing qualities

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